Saturday, November 8, 2014

Anger and Such

14:14:11 [Malizon-Stormreaver]: what voip do will we be using
14:14:35 [Dalthu-Stormreaver]: I was told Mumble
14:14:42 [Aelendis-Stormreaver]: Mumble
14:14:47 [Alltaire-Stormreaver]: Yes, Mumble.
14:14:53 [Alltaire-Stormreaver]: We own a Ventrilo just for chatting
14:14:54 [Malizon-Stormreaver]: good deal
14:15:05 [Alltaire-Stormreaver]: but we use Mumble because Jason hates Vent
14:15:17 [Malizon-Stormreaver]: good reaon
14:15:17 [Malizon-Stormreaver]: lol
14:15:19 [Dalthu-Stormreaver]: Well, Mumble is fantastic lol
14:15:28 [Allistir-Stormreaver]: lol
14:15:29 [Alltaire-Stormreaver]: Jason wants to set Vent on fire and watch it burn
14:15:49 [Malizon-Stormreaver]: thats some serious hate going on there
14:15:54 [Alltaire-Stormreaver]: It is a lot of hate.
14:15:54 [Malizon-Stormreaver]: mumbles good O_O
14:16:24 [Chimærâ-Stormreaver]: Yes, Ventrilo can die in a fire.
14:16:29 [Alltaire-Stormreaver]: Woah
14:16:30 [Alltaire-Stormreaver]: Jason
14:16:36 [Alltaire-Stormreaver]: You need to watch your blood pressure.
14:16:56 [Chimærâ-Stormreaver]: My blood pressure is fine.
14:17:11 [Alltaire-Stormreaver]: Not with all that anger.
14:17:20 [Chimærâ-Stormreaver]: I'm not angry.
14:17:28 [Aelendis-Stormreaver]: woah calm down bro.... you dont need to yell.
14:17:28 [Alltaire-Stormreaver]: Woah, calm the fuck down, bro.
14:17:31 [Aelendis-Stormreaver]: we hear you
14:17:43 [Dalthu-Stormreaver]: lol
14:17:45 [Malizon-Stormreaver]: lawls          
14:17:51 [Chimærâ-Stormreaver]: I'M NOT FUCKING YELLING
14:17:59 [Alltaire-Stormreaver]: CALM YOUR TITS
14:18:05 [Alltaire-Stormreaver]: Soothe your boobs
14:18:12 [Chimærâ-Stormreaver]: You first.
14:18:14 [Alltaire-Stormreaver]: Massage your mammories
14:18:37 [Alltaire-Stormreaver]: I have no need
14:18:42 [Alltaire-Stormreaver]: For I am a black widow baby

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