Monday, December 15, 2014

Self Awareness

[21:27:20] [G] [100:Alltaire]: Oh god
[21:27:28] [G] [100:Alltaire]: my dragon kite has become self aware
[21:27:36] [G] [100:Aelendis]: dont let it see you
[21:27:36] [G] [100:Alltaire]: and this is how I die
[21:27:41] [G] [100:Alltaire]: IT'S RIGHT BEHIND ME
[21:27:44] [G] [100:Alltaire]: I'M TOO SCARED TO ME
[21:27:45] [G] [100:Alltaire]: MOVE
[21:27:46] [G] [100:Aelendis]: DONT MOVE
[21:27:54] [G] [100:Aelendis]: its vision is based on movement
[21:27:56] [G] [100:Aelendis]: hold very still
[21:28:09] [G] [100:Alltaire]: I going to die?
[21:28:17] [G] [100:Aelendis]: yes
[21:29:31] [G] [100:Aelendis]: i need you to shout out everything you see. scale color, markings, anything that can be used to identify it.
[21:29:38] [G] [100:Aelendis]: you will be avenged.
[21:30:20] [G] [Rikoloco]: that was uncalled for
[21:30:50] [G] [100:Alltaire]: OH GOD
[21:30:53] [G] [100:Alltaire]: PURPLE SCALES
[21:30:56] [G] [100:Alltaire]: BLACK HORNS
[21:31:07] [G] [100:Aelendis]: LOL
[21:33:01] [G] [100:Aelendis]: I don't know who you are. I don't know what you want. If you're looking for ransom, I can tell you I don't have money but what I do have are a very particular set of skills.
[21:33:10] [G] [100:Aelendis]: Skills I have acquired over a very long career. Skills that make me a nightmare for monsters like you.
[21:33:30] [G] [100:Aelendis]: If you let my friend go now, that will be the end of it. I will not look for you, I will not pursue you. But if you don't, I will look for you, I will find you and I will kill you.
[21:34:13] [G] [Ethisivy]: Girls only wanna go out with guys that have skills
[21:34:23] [G] [100:Aelendis]: true story
[21:34:23] [G] [Ethisivy]: right movie?
[21:34:39] [G] [100:Aelendis]: close enough.
[21:34:41] [G] [100:Aelendis]: lol
[21:34:51] [G] [Ethisivy]: Napoleon Dynamite right?
[21:35:52] [G] [100:Aelendis]: not quite. Star wars, Gandalf says it.
[21:36:02] [G] [Ethisivy]: Right righrt
[21:36:11] [G] [Ethisivy]: Shit i knew tha

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Epic Guild Chat

[G] Alltaire: My second monitor has a spot of dead pixels
[G] Alltaire: that keeps getting larger
[G] Alltaire: and larger...
[G] Akiramenai: go buy a new one now
[G] Akiramenai: just do it.
[G] Henden: bug spray
[G] Alltaire: I need to save for teh holidays
[G] Akiramenai: ur still young, spend now and save later
[G] Alltaire: so I can shower the people I give a shit about with gifts
[G] Akiramenai: u still growing negga
[G] Alltaire: YOU'RE RIGHT
[G] Akiramenai: but ur done growing down there....
[G] Alltaire: well, I should hope so.. I mean, I don't want people to question whether it's an overgrown clit or an undergrown penis
[G] Stabznslicez: LMAO
[G] Akiramenai: rofl.
[G] Phraex: wtf
[G] Stabznslicez: I'm dead
[G] Akiramenai: I can't remember the last time I read something so fucked up. Dead babies got nothin on this.

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Do You Want to Build a Snowman?

14:19:49 [Alltaire-Stormreaver]: Jason
14:19:54 [Alltaire-Stormreaver]: do you want to build a snowman?
14:20:12 [Malizon-Stormreaver]: o gawd
14:20:14 [Malizon-Stormreaver]: no more
14:20:19 [Malizon-Stormreaver]: ive been listening to that all day
14:20:20 [Malizon-Stormreaver]: O_O
14:20:25 [Chimærâ-Stormreaver]: definitely in my 85 degree weather
14:20:34 [Aelendis-Stormreaver]: lol
14:20:38 [Smoltan-Stormreaver]: Nuclear Winter inbound
14:20:48 [Alltaire-Stormreaver]: NOT A FOOTPRINT TO BE SEEN
14:20:54 [Alltaire-Stormreaver]: A KINGDOM OF ISOLATION
14:20:55 [Smoltan-Stormreaver]: thats not the snow. thats the radiation
14:20:59 [Alltaire-Stormreaver]: AND IT LOOKS LIKE, I'M THE QUEEN
14:21:03 [Malizon-Stormreaver]: haha
14:21:41 [Smoltan-Stormreaver]: perfectly timed
14:21:55 [Alltaire-Stormreaver]: It always works out that way

Anger and Such

14:14:11 [Malizon-Stormreaver]: what voip do will we be using
14:14:35 [Dalthu-Stormreaver]: I was told Mumble
14:14:42 [Aelendis-Stormreaver]: Mumble
14:14:47 [Alltaire-Stormreaver]: Yes, Mumble.
14:14:53 [Alltaire-Stormreaver]: We own a Ventrilo just for chatting
14:14:54 [Malizon-Stormreaver]: good deal
14:15:05 [Alltaire-Stormreaver]: but we use Mumble because Jason hates Vent
14:15:17 [Malizon-Stormreaver]: good reaon
14:15:17 [Malizon-Stormreaver]: lol
14:15:19 [Dalthu-Stormreaver]: Well, Mumble is fantastic lol
14:15:28 [Allistir-Stormreaver]: lol
14:15:29 [Alltaire-Stormreaver]: Jason wants to set Vent on fire and watch it burn
14:15:49 [Malizon-Stormreaver]: thats some serious hate going on there
14:15:54 [Alltaire-Stormreaver]: It is a lot of hate.
14:15:54 [Malizon-Stormreaver]: mumbles good O_O
14:16:24 [Chimærâ-Stormreaver]: Yes, Ventrilo can die in a fire.
14:16:29 [Alltaire-Stormreaver]: Woah
14:16:30 [Alltaire-Stormreaver]: Jason
14:16:36 [Alltaire-Stormreaver]: You need to watch your blood pressure.
14:16:56 [Chimærâ-Stormreaver]: My blood pressure is fine.
14:17:11 [Alltaire-Stormreaver]: Not with all that anger.
14:17:20 [Chimærâ-Stormreaver]: I'm not angry.
14:17:28 [Aelendis-Stormreaver]: woah calm down bro.... you dont need to yell.
14:17:28 [Alltaire-Stormreaver]: Woah, calm the fuck down, bro.
14:17:31 [Aelendis-Stormreaver]: we hear you
14:17:43 [Dalthu-Stormreaver]: lol
14:17:45 [Malizon-Stormreaver]: lawls          
14:17:51 [Chimærâ-Stormreaver]: I'M NOT FUCKING YELLING
14:17:59 [Alltaire-Stormreaver]: CALM YOUR TITS
14:18:05 [Alltaire-Stormreaver]: Soothe your boobs
14:18:12 [Chimærâ-Stormreaver]: You first.
14:18:14 [Alltaire-Stormreaver]: Massage your mammories
14:18:37 [Alltaire-Stormreaver]: I have no need
14:18:42 [Alltaire-Stormreaver]: For I am a black widow baby

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Nut Sacks

  • Greydreadits ok me and zero are like two nuts in a sack
  • Mod Zer0mouswoah now....
  • Greydreadim just talking about peanuts jeez. get your mind out of the gutter

Flippin' Foodstamps

  • Greydread: should i start drinking vodka or stick with beer? cant decide. i got a nice 70 dollar bottle for my bday and i have not finished it yet
  • MoZer0mousflip a coin
  • Greydreadi only have food stamps
    Greydreadyou cant really flip a food stamp
  • Mod Zer0mousnot with that attitude.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Cookie Monster + Diabeetus = Omghydralisk

"Get these cookies away from me, I cant stop eating them!" - Omghydralisk to Aelendis