Friday, November 30, 2012


[02:44:14] [G] [90:Turkeytimee]: Fuck this game
[02:44:44] [G] [36:Kayuki[Derek's Alt]]: i see
[02:44:50] [G] [36:Kayuki[Derek's Alt]]: so hows the wife and kids
[02:45:28] [G] [90:Turkeytimee]:  [Firestorm Greatstaff] needs to go away
[02:48:24] [G] [90:Turkeytimee]: im going resto. the polearm will never drop. i give up.
[02:49:33] [G] <Away>[90:Alltaire]: o rly
[02:49:40] [G] [90:Turkeytimee]: yup
[02:50:05] [G] [90:Turkeytimee]: like you dont even have the slighest idea how mad i am right now
[02:50:37] [G] <Away>[90:Alltaire]: I bet not half as mad as I get
[02:50:38] [G] [90:Aelbram[Aelendis]]: well, i've never seen it either, and i've burned enough gold coins on it as well.
[02:50:59] [G] <Away>[90:Alltaire]: Because I have had my period for 3 months straight. No breaks.
[02:51:04] [G] [90:Turkeytimee]: you win
[02:51:13] [G] <Away>[90:Alltaire]: And by the end of it, I was ready to be put in jail
[02:51:18] [G] [90:Turkeytimee]: la migra
[02:51:42] [G] [86:Violentcia]: I've had that's the worst thing ever
[02:52:11] [G] <Away>[90:Alltaire]: I have exceptionally long periods for no reason..and too many periods in the same month
[02:52:17] [G] <Away>[90:Alltaire]: my hormones are everywhere
[02:52:28] [G] <Away>[90:Alltaire]: And I pay for maxi pads like parents pay for diapers
[02:52:37] [G] [86:Violentcia]: lol
[02:52:37] [G] [36:Kayuki[Derek's Alt]]: d:
[02:52:45] [G] <Away>[90:Alltaire]: I can't wait for menopause. It will have NOTHING on me
[02:52:47] [G] <Away>[90:Alltaire]: NOTHING
[02:52:48] [G] [36:Kayuki[Derek's Alt]]: *hugs*
[02:52:53] [G] <Away>[90:Alltaire]: Won't even fucking touch me.
[02:52:55] [G] [90:Cobe]: wtf learn to get that period under control
[02:53:02] [G] <Away>[90:Alltaire]: I TRID
[02:53:04] [G] [86:Violentcia]: I can't say it'll be something I miss
[02:53:11] [G] <Away>[90:Alltaire]: I TALKED TO MY OVARIES AND EVERYTHING
[02:53:19] [G] <Away>[90:Alltaire]: and they were like "nah, bro, we like making you mad"
[02:53:22] [G] [90:Aelbram[Aelendis]]: you need to punch them then.
[02:53:34] [G] [90:Lyzoldas]: Falcoooon...
[02:53:47] [G] [36:Kayuki[Derek's Alt]]: need me to talk to them?  I can be very persuasive
[02:53:48] [G] [90:Aelbram[Aelendis]]: PAUNCH!
[02:53:49] [G] <Away>[90:Alltaire]: I tried, and then I ruptured a cyst and splattered cottage cheese everywhere
[02:54:09] [G] [90:Aelbram[Aelendis]]: and thats when i leave the room.... cya all.

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